Henry Hudson’s Voyages:

First Voyage- In 1607-1608 began his first voyage. The Muscovy Company hired him to find a north route. Being the captain of the “The Hopewell” His goal was to find ta passage from the Orient through the North across the pole and get to Asia. A theory that geographers made was that the arctic actually got warmer the more north you went. When it got more warmer it meant that the more sunshine the more the ice will melt and there will be open water eventually. Henry Hudson tried to find out if it’s true so that’s when it became his voyage. When he was going more north in the across the North Pole, this didn’t happen. Since it didn’t happen he turned his ship around and sailed back to England.

Second Voyage- In 1609, He wanted to go another voyage again and try and find the same place which was North America. He was hired by the Dutch East India Company to go on a voyage Northeast. The company told Henry Hudson to sail through the Arctic ocean just north of Russia, into the Pacific, and so the far east. He sailed on April 4th  on Amsterdam as captain of a Dutch Ship “Halve Maen”. He heard rumors about a way to go through the Pacific he decided to go west. On his way, he found what today is Delaware Bay, he continued north. He found an estuary which was known as the “North River” or “Mauritius” and what today is known as the “Hudson Bay”

Third Voyage- Hudson explored the northeastern coast of America, eventually sailing into a wide river near  New York City. He hoped the river would provide a passage west to the Pacific. After 150 miles the river was to shallow to continue so they had to turn back.

Fourth Voyage– In 1610-1611, the last and final voyage, the Virginia Company, and the British East India Company let them go out on another voyage. When they finally found the northwest passage the explorers reached what is now the Hudson Straight at the northern tip of Labrador on June 25. In November the ship became trapped in the ice in the James Bay. When the ice cleared, Hudson planned to continue exploring but his crew wanted to return home. The crew then later mutinied and set Hudson adrift on a small boat.


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